About Us


Zachary Hadden - Director

How does a film maker get involved in disaster relief? Typically when you a between projects there is a lot you can do for others. With over 23 years in disaster relief experience, starting with medical missions into the heart of Mexico in 1995, Zachary has dedicated much of his time to random acts of kindness. On September 6th, in a dream he heard the words,"Do unto others". He knew it was to be a disaster relief organization and when he awoke, he talked it over with his family and began the process of creating the means to do that very thing. 


Ladonna Hadden - Financial Administrator

Her expertise in finances is the backbone of the Mission of DUO. As she works in our accounts receivable, she makes sure every cent is accounted for and is used in the best interest in disaster relief. 

Ladonna has stood by her husband, Zachary for over 28 years. When she's not working in the office, she is teaching in the local school systems.


Amanda Hadden - Operations Manager

Amanda is an integral part of the mission of DUO as she coordinates the office and field services. She also organizes volunteers for the various tasks at hand. Not to mention her love for knitting and coffee. 

Amanda is in her senior year at Rogers State University with a degree in English and Small Business. 

Joann Corso

JoAnn Corso - Fundraising Coordinator

JoAnn, a good friend who has helped us raise funds for film projects, has recently joined us after hearing about our mission in Puerto Rico and will be heading up our fundraising efforts based in Los Angeles. With over 20 years of Charity fundraising experience in New Jersey for hospitals and community projects, we know she will be an important aspect to help us complete our vision. 

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